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Hip Fractures

A bone fracture, also sometimes referred to as a bone “break”, occurs when a significant amount of stress is put on a bone, causing a small crack to form. The fracture can be caused by repeated stress from daily use, work activity, or a sport, or it could be caused by a single heavy impact, such as from a fall or blow to the body. In either case, it is important to have the bone inspected immediately to determine the extent of the fracture and to prescribe treatment.

Medical Imaging Techniques

A hip fracture may be examined using a variety of medical imaging techniques. The particular method used will likely depend on the equipment available and the type of injury sustained. Your doctor may request the following medical imaging techniques to get a better idea of the extent of your fracture:

  • Computed Tomography Scan (CT Scan)
  • Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI)
  • X-Ray

Hip Fracture Symptoms

If you have not yet visited a doctor but suspect that you may have a hip fracture, it is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the worse the fracture could become, leading to a longer treatment and recovery time. The following are symptoms associated with hip fracture:

  • Inability to put weight on the injured side of your body
  • Bruising and swelling around the hip
  • Pain throughout the hip and/or knee
  • Limited range of hip motion
  • Lower back pain

If you have experienced any of these symptoms after having a DePuy hip replacement implanted, you may have a hip fracture that was caused by a defective implant. Your doctor can examine your injury to determine if you require additional surgery to correct the defect and address your fracture. Once you have received the medical attention you need, do not hesitate to contact an experienced DePuy lawsuit attorney about your defective hip implant and legal options.

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