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How to Walk with a Cane

If you have an injured leg or hip, you may have trouble supporting yourself on your own two feet. Putting weight on your injured side may be intolerable because of the pain, or you may have such a limited range of motion that you find it difficult to walk. In any of these cases, a cane can be a useful tool for getting around more easily. Learning how to walk properly with a cane can help to reduce pain and irritation on your injured leg or hip.

Tips for Using a Cane

If you decide to use a cane to assist with walking, it is important to use it the proper way to prevent further pain or injury. Your doctor can help to fit you to a cane so that you have the maximum support. You should be able to hold your cane naturally with a slight bend in the elbow. If you are hunched over, your cane is too short. If your arm is bent at the elbow at a severe angle, your cane is likely too long.

When you walk with a cane, follow these tips:

  • Hold the cane slightly in front of you in the hand opposite the side that is injured or weakened
  • Support your weight on the cane at the same time that you put your affected leg forward
  • Step forward with your uninjured leg to complete one step
  • Put your cane slightly ahead of you and repeat

This motion may seem unnatural at first, but over time you should become comfortable with using your cane. If you experience wrist or elbow pain, you may need to have your cane refitted. In extreme cases where it is too painful to walk with just a cane, it may be necessary to use a walker or wheelchair instead.

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