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Osteolysis and Hip Implants

Hip replacements and hip implants involve placing foreign objects in a sensitive area of your body. In many cases, artificial hip devices are made of metal or plastic. Over time, tiny shards of metal or plastic can break off the implant and accumulate in your blood and tissue. As your body struggles to respond to this problem, you could develop a serious medical disorder known as osteolysis, or loss of bone.

At Williams Hart, we understand the pain that a malfunctioning hip implant can cause to individuals and their families. If you or a loved one has experienced osteolysis as a result of a DePuy brand hip implant, you should know that you have legal options. Contact our compassionate DePuy hip implant recall attorneys today at 800-761-3187 to learn more.

What is Osteolysis?

Osteolysis is a disease that causes bone to deteriorate. It is one of the most common side-effects of hip and joint replacement. The disease occurs when tiny fragments of material break off a hip implant. The body’s immune system interprets these fragments as a threat, and responds by releasing a type of cell known as an osteoclast. Osteoclast cells attempt to destroy the invasive particles, but in the process they can:

  • Destroy bone tissue
  • Remove minerals and collagen in bones
  • Weaken bone structure, making major fractures more likely

If left untreated, osteolysis can worsen and lead to dangerous levels of bone fragility. Often, the first sign of the disease is a bone fracture in the area around the hip implant. If your hip implant device malfunctions or suffers from design flaws, its rate of deterioration may be greater and your risk of osteolysis may be increased.

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If you received a DePuy hip implant device and later developed osteolysis, you could be eligible for financial compensation from the implant’s manufacturer. The aggressive attorneys of Williams Hart may be able to help you fight for justice, so contact a DePuy hip implant recall lawyer at 800-761-3187 to discuss your case.

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