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Risk of Infection after Hip Replacement Surgery

Every surgery involves some risk of complications during or after the operation. The more invasive a surgery is, meaning the larger the incision made and the deeper in the body the operation takes place, the more at risk the patient is. Infection is a common and serious problem following any type of surgery. While a surgical team is required to sterilize all equipment used in an operation, sometimes an instrument or surface is not properly cleaned, exposing the opening to infection.

Revision Surgery and Infection

Unfortunately, many patients who have received the ASR XL Acetabular System hip replacement from DePuy have had problems with their implants. Some patients have required an additional surgery, known as revision surgery, to correct the pain and limited movement caused by the defective hip implant. In some cases the implant is replaced altogether, requiring an operation that is even more invasive than the original implant surgery. This means that many hip replacement patients have been exposed to the risk of infection multiple times, and some have fallen ill from complications following the revision.

Infection Health Risks and Costs

An infection contracted through a surgical incision can cause serious health problems. MRSA, or Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a virulent form of bacteria that can cause painful abscesses on the body. If it enters the bloodstream, it can spread through the body and even put a patient at risk of death. Along with the health risks, an infection can also lead to the following costs:

  • Additional treatment and medical bills
  • Pharmaceutical bills for antibiotics and other medication
  • Additional time lost from work
  • Interference with daily routine and quality of life

How We Can Help

If you contracted an infection following a surgery for your defective hip implant, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. Our DePuy hip replacement attorneys understand how costly a surgical infection can be, especially when you are already struggling with pain and restricted movement from your defective hip implant and revision surgery. We can help you pursue compensation for all of the costs of your DePuy hip replacement defect.

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