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Different Types of Hip Replacements

When you are suffering from severe pain in your hip, the relief that a hip replacement promises seems almost miraculous. And, although there are several options for patients with hip problems, hip replacement remains the most popular choice. Depending on your age, personal desires and the severity of your hip problem, you will either have a total hip replacement or a hemiarthroplasty. But what is the difference between these two forms of hip replacement?

If you have already had a hip implant and are suffering problems because of it, it is possible that you may be eligible to receive compensation. Depuy ASR hip implants placed after 2005 have proven to have a large number of defects that cause complications and pain for the patients. If you have a Depuy implant, contact the Depuy lawsuit attorneys of Williams Hart at 800-761-3187 to discuss your case with a compassionate and committed lawyer.

Understanding the Differences

When you are considering a hip replacement, there are two different kinds of surgery that you may have – a total hip replacement or a hemiarthroplasty.

A total hip replacement involves the replacement of a larger portion of your hip, including both the hip socket and the femoral head. Generally total hip replacements are performed on patients 55 or older or people with hip problems due to such issues as osteoarthritis or a severe hip fracture or dislocation.

A hemiarthroplasty is only a partial hip replacement, and the femoral head is the only portion that is replaced. These types of hip replacements are usually recommended for patients under 55 who are active.

It’s important to consult an orthopedic surgeon when considering a hip replacement as they will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

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When you choose to have a hip replacement, you are choosing to rid yourself of hip pain; however, if you have received a Depuy hip replacement the opposite may be true. The Depuy lawsuit attorneys at Williams Hart can help you to hold the negligent manufacturer of these implants accountable for additional medical expenses and related damages. Contact us by calling 800-761-3187 today.

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